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Exploring The Musicverse Together

The Indian Academy of Music (IAM) is the portal to self-discovery and self-actualisation for music learners and teachers alike. Our expert trainers promise to help you discover the musical superhero in you.

Who we are and What we do

Envisioned and set up by a group of young, dynamic and experienced musicians and corporate leaders, the Indian Academy of Music (IAM), seeks to introduce music education as a mainstream option, along with preparation for Grade Examinations (Rock School, Trinity, ARSM, etc.), and hobby classes.

IAM takes an inclusive approach and caters to every "seeker" - from students (4yrs and upwards of age), working professionals, homemakers, and retirees. Be it the singer-superhero or the instrumentalist-superhero you seek in yourself, our trainers will help you on your journey. 

Why IAM?

IAM promises a journey of self-actualisation and discovery like no other. The course curriculum each of these master trainers has designed is in line with the best in the music training industry. It caters to a wide range of learners - of age, levels of experience & expertise, purpose of learning music, and financial commitments. 

IAM’s core strength is its founding members - all of who are professional musicians, multi-instrumentalists, composers and master trainers themselves. Each of them has end-to-end experience in setting up music academies across the country, designing courses, mentoring hobby learners, serious enthusiasts as well budding music professionals.

As they say “...it takes an orchestra to play a symphony”. The IAM curriculum too believes that self-actualisation is not a journey to boost one’s ego. We lay great emphasis on forming bands that create effortless symphonies. We are also working with “hotspots” in the neighbourhood where our student-bands will be welcome to perform in front of live audiences. Such exposures will enhance their self-confidence and enable them to truly set out on their journeys of self-actualisation.


Supporting our students and their masters in their journey is a brand new, state of the art Academy outfitted with all necessary instruments and sound-proof classrooms for distraction free learning. The Indian Academy of Music (IAM) at Sainikpuri also boasts of a one-of-its-kind Performance Room (Audi). For many of our students, the Audi will be their first step into the world of live music performances and content creation opportunities.

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